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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Give a gift of romance & adventure to someone you care about . . .with a night or two at one of our fabulous inns. Say "Thanks for everything" to your parents, "Happy Anniversary" to your favorite couple, or "I love you" to someone special.  Purchase your gift directly through the inn of your choice and begin the journey of romance & adventure in El Dorado County.

Gift Certificates can be purchased in a range of amounts typically starting in $25 increments.  While not all inns sell gift certificates and each inn has its own policies, some typically standard expectations are as follows:  It is normally required that the recipient of a gift certificate inform the inn they are booking with that they have a gift certificate and must present the gift certificate at the time it is redeemed.  If the gift certificate is not provided to the innkeeper, then the guest must pay the stated room price out-of-pocket.   Remaining charges not covered by the gift certificate's value redeemed are due in full by the person(s) redeeming the gift certificate.

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